Communication is as important in the workplace as it is in relationships. Comparisons between landing a job and dating aren’t lost on anyone who has looked for a mate or a position. A study by TINYpulse asked 400 U.S. employees what encouraged them to either stay in their jobs or to seek new employment. Whether […]

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Business meeting at work at trendy startup company presenting pi

How to Gain Trust At Work

When it comes down to it, trust is one of the most valuable assets you can leverage in the workplace. It’s nice if people think you are competent, intelligent or friendly. However, if your colleagues don’t trust you to do what you say you’ll do and to follow through on your promises, being skilled or […]

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MOTIVATING THE UN-MOTIVATED One of the 16 key factors in determining a person’s compatibility with an employer is the amount of engagement that occurs. In this context, how much effort does one exert into motivating employees?   As a college professor, an interesting paradox occurs in the context of motivating students in the classroom. THE CHALLENGE […]

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“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.” -John C. Maxwell Human beings are creatures of habit – this is widely known. Habit forming behavior makes change and self-transformation a challenging process. But without change, we can’t develop into our most successful selves. Even the most basic discussion of change, […]

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Is Amazon a Mess, or Exactly on Track?

You’ve seen it by now, I’m sure. But just in case, here’s the short version of the latest news cycle centered on Amazon: New York Times writes report that Amazon is a really tough place to work. Jeff Bezos replies, “I know you are, but what am I?” Both articles agree that Amazon is a […]

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