recruit for cultural fit

You’ve probably just about had it with the “candidate experience.” It’s not a newfangled technique nor is it a recently discovered topic. It’s over, you know what you need to do and you’re ready for real groundbreaking news, not the same ol’ catch phrases. Unfortunately, though you might think it’s old news, your recruitment and […]

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The Art of the Workforce: Cohesiveness

Editor’s Note: We’ve commissioned artist Doug Shaw to explore the 16 Key Factors measured when it comes to compatibility between a candidate and employer and will be posting them along with his inspiration in this series. When thinking of being “cohesive” in the workplace, many things may come to mind. Is there a unity in […]

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Conscious Coupling… with a New Job

Thanks to Oscar-winning actress, Gweneth Paltrow, A new lexicon has entered the dictionary “conscious uncoupling.”  This is the term she utilized to communicate to the world her decision to divorce from Coldplay singer, Chris Martin.  How very New Age of them! While Gweneth’s terminology may sound a bit elevated for the more common expression used when terminating […]

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When you look at the many glamorous careers available, becoming a tenure-track professor is not often mentioned. With non-tenure-track faculty now accounting for nearly 70 percent of all faculty members, and three out of four hires nationally are off the tenure track, it is a difficult position to pursue. Compounding the issue are limited resources […]

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So you’ve identified your current company culture and it’s less than desirable. You – as a leader, want to make a change, but given that everything influences culture, where do you start? Is there a quick guide to follow? What should you try and tackle first? Do you even stand a chance? The answer is […]

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MOTIVATING THE UN-MOTIVATED One of the 16 key factors in determining a person’s compatibility with an employer is the amount of engagement that occurs. In this context, how much effort does one exert into motivating employees?   As a college professor, an interesting paradox occurs in the context of motivating students in the classroom. THE CHALLENGE […]

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For years, HR professionals have been looking for that secret sauce that separates good candidates from bad and high performers from low performers. One such approach has been the use of personality testing. Complaints about personality testing in the workplace are numerous, particularly when it comes to the validity of the findings. First, as noted […]

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Is Amazon a Mess, or Exactly on Track?

You’ve seen it by now, I’m sure. But just in case, here’s the short version of the latest news cycle centered on Amazon: New York Times writes report that Amazon is a really tough place to work. Jeff Bezos replies, “I know you are, but what am I?” Both articles agree that Amazon is a […]

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