The Art of the Workforce: Communication is Key

Editor’s Note: We’ve commissioned artist Doug Shaw to explore the 16 Key Factors measured when it comes to compatibility between a candidate and employer and will be posting them along with his inspiration in this series. Communication in business is key; if anything simply for the sheer fact that it is the driving force behind […]

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  Communication is as important in the workplace as it is in relationships. Comparisons between landing a job and dating aren’t lost on anyone who has looked for a mate or a position. A study by TINYpulse asked 400 U.S. employees what encouraged them to either stay in their jobs or to seek new employment. Whether […]

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MOTIVATING THE UN-MOTIVATED One of the 16 key factors in determining a person’s compatibility with an employer is the amount of engagement that occurs. In this context, how much effort does one exert into motivating employees?   As a college professor, an interesting paradox occurs in the context of motivating students in the classroom. THE CHALLENGE […]

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