How to Find the Work-Life Balance That Fits You

If you’re feeling a little ‘blah’ about your job, it’s okay to admit that it’s not you, it’s them. Work-life balance must be part of the job search with such a strong current focus on employee satisfaction, low turnover and company culture. Are you aware of what kind of perks are out there that appeal to you? Take a look at these 4 companies who are offering unique gestures to their employees to inspire your 2017 job search.

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In no particular order, watch these companies rock their work-life balance:

Asana (@asana) | A Place with Structure

“Millennials are so addicted to emails that half can’t even use the bathroom without checking their email,” said Kristin Naragon, Director of Email Solutions at Adobe.

Furthermore, American workers spend about 6.3 hours a day checking their email. Perhaps this is a severe case of FOMO, regardless, Asana saw this issue and created a task and communication management platform for the modern workplace. If email is taking a bulk out of your day and you’re missing deadlines, staying late and losing sleep, a company with sharp time management is a place for you. Asana allows employees to know what they’re doing, why they’re doing it and when they need to get it done by. This structure keeps employees accountable and finishing tasks correctly and on time- allowing for more time to build a life outside the work they love.

See a company you love doing this same practice? Write the best resume!

FabFitFun (@FabFitFun) | A Place with Movement

FabFitFun isn’t just another box subscription bringing fun, healthy lifestyle pieces neatly fit in a box to our doorsteps. The organization’s tight-knit culture and loose structure gives employees the right amount of freedom to meet those deadlines! One of the more mentionable perks? Prepaid workout classes during workdays. Giving yourself a chance to work out and relieve stress during a hectic workday has several benefits. “Studies show that it [exercise] is very effective at reducing fatigue, improving alertness and concentration, and at enhancing overall cognitive function,” stated by the ADAA (@Got_Anxiety)

Maybe you’re not quite the weight-lifting, kickboxing type of person, but even treating yourself to a 20-minute walk in the middle of the day is a great regular source of exercise to relieve stress.

More ways to tell if your company culture is the right fit for you.

Redbubble (@redbubble) | A Place with Zen

Sitting in a room full of pillows, dim lighting and silence can flip a stressful morning into a peaceful afternoon. Redbubblers are given that perk with their meditation and mindfulness room open for anyone who needs a midday solace. Think about the business we put our brains through in today’s workplace with different devices, platforms, communications and more. We need to remind ourselves to slow down and focus.

Gwen Schlefer, Marketing and Growth Expert said, “Training the mind to focus is undoubtedly beneficial to productivity when studies show that the average attention span is now 8 seconds thanks to the fast moving, technology obsessed society we live in…studies have shown that regular meditation practice reduces stress and anxiety in the brain.”

Never thought yourself to be a meditation type? You might surprise yourself!

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Reformation | A Place with Furry Assistance

Reformation is dedicated to environmentally-friendly lifestyle apparel, afternoon naps and dog visits at work. With all the puppies running around, an outdoor patio is provided for playtime and sunshiny meetings. Maybe a pup isn’t in your life plan yet, but getting a sufficient amount of Vitamin D during the day helps fight certain diseases, depression, bone abnormalities and more.

Simple, midday perks like walks, sunrooms and partial days are all simple ways to get a whole lot more positivity and fulfillment out of your daily life. There are so many more ideas to capture those happy smiles in 2017. Go on, get to looking for a company to work for that caters to your happy place.

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