Elevated Careers VP, Dan Erickson, Shares Insights

IntrepidHR interviews Dan Erickson at #HRTechConf

In a recent live podcast, Dan Erickson, Vice President of Elevated Careers by eHarmony talks about the three vital components of compatibility: competency, core work values, and personality fit with hiring manager.

“It’s all about cutting back on that regrettable turnover, finding the quality candidates and job seekers that will fit in with your culture, based on engagement – those who will have that emotional and meaningful connection to their work and to your company – so it’s not just about happiness, necessarily, it’s engagement – it’s about finding meaning in your job and your company.” – Dan Erickson

Here are a few key points that Dan touched on in his interview:

  • Measuring Engagement at Work
  • Redefining “Work is Work”
  • The shift in how we think about work
  • The Evolution of Culture
  • 70% of US Workers are actively NOT engaged in their work
  • Wellness – Organizational and Individual
  • HR & Recruiting: Become a Profit Center instead of a Cost Center
  • Elevated Careers: Creating a Company Culture DNA

Dan Erickson HR Tech



Regarding Engagement: “Engagement at work effects everything at a company, not just the working relationships, but right down to the bottom line. Studies show that companies with engage employees outperform those without by over 202% – plus a 35% swing to the stock price of public companies – it effects the bottom line, it effects the actual productivity.”  – Dan Erickson

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