Discover Your Work-Why and Love Your Career

“If enough of us share our why, we will change the world….a world that can be; a world in which trust and loyalty thrive.” -Simon Sinek

Have you recently left a work meeting feeling completely underwhelmed and unmotivated?  If you honestly answered no, then you probably already know your work-why and are living and breathing it.  Well done.

If you answered yes, keep reading to understand why this might happen and how to change it.

Work-Why?  Yes.  Work-Why: the unique, psychological motivators that enable individuals to have truly fulfilled careers (or the opposite).  We’ll assume the masses are aiming for fulfilling and satisfying careers.

Once you discover your work-why you will be empowered to spread it, tell it clearly and know yourself better. Sinek says it perfectly:  “build a megaphone that works” for you to voice your why to the masses.  Each individual’s WHY is unique because it comes from within.


Take a moment to reflect on when you’ve experienced someone winning with WHY in their career and the impact it made on you.  Make a list and ask yourself why those experiences impacted you.

Then, jump-start your discovery process by asking yourself a series of questions. Go ahead, get those career and self-aware juices flowing.

  • Growing up, what were all the things you wanted to be? Put an adjective next to each that holds most true to that type of career. (Nice! You started the journey).
  • Do you give away your time to  anyone without getting paid?  Just because you love it?
  • What would you do for free?
  • What tasks or activities make you feel energized and alive (at work)?
  • What accomplishments have given you the most satisfaction?
  • Do you take pride in your work?
  • If you had to work all weekend, would you despise it, enjoy it or neither?

Those should give you some food for though.  How you answered those should give you a straight-forward idea of where you are in your work-why discovery, but we’re here to answer any follow up questions on Twitter <link>.  Plus, resources below provide you with specific activities and methodology.


Always start with the why. If you can start any path with meaning, especially one as important as your career, why wouldn’t you?

Start With WhySimon Sinek’s simple yet robust leadership methodology can help us start with the why, time and time again.  Use the tool, links provided and let’s check out today’s Career Scoop episode to uncover even more.

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We wouldn’t want to leave you high and dry, so below are relevant links, resources and the like to cover every corner in your journey to discover your work-why.


Remember, achieving milestones by action is great, but success will only last so long if you haven’t discovered what is driving you….your work-why. A famous example is Henry Ford’s massive success over all his competitors for decades despite how hard they tried, acted, built (you get the point, they were fully capable).  Ford knew his why and never deterred from it.  Aim for that!

Until next time, keep loving your career and get your #WorkWhy on.

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