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How to Gain Trust At Work

When it comes down to it, trust is one of the most valuable assets you can leverage in the workplace. It’s nice if people think you are competent, intelligent or friendly. However, if your colleagues don’t trust you to do what you say you’ll do and to follow through on your promises, being skilled or […]

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We all know the holidays can be stressful under the best of circumstances… and that’s before you add office politics to the mix.  What will land workers on the wrong side of the “professional naughty and nice” list?  Never fear, you no longer need to wonder for the merry marketing team at Elevated Careers is […]

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I quit

To Quit or Not to Quit…That is The Question

I recently stumbled across a quote that I can’t attribute to anyone since I read it on a random meme online. The quote read, “Life has two rules: #1 Never quit #2 Always remember rule #1.” My reaction? I call bull.  Maybe if the moron who said this out loud would have qualified the statement […]

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“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.” -John C. Maxwell Human beings are creatures of habit – this is widely known. Habit forming behavior makes change and self-transformation a challenging process. But without change, we can’t develop into our most successful selves. Even the most basic discussion of change, […]

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The Issue Behind Balance

When it comes to defining career success, U.S. workers report achieving balance between the personal and professional is giving promotions, autonomy at work and even compensation a run for their money.  In fact, 56% of workers report they define career success by their ability to obtain work/life balance. Beyond just wanting the opportunity to enjoy […]

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Lengthy commutes and lonely cubicles are only a couple reasons you might dread heading to work each morning. But what if you could get to the office without driving a single foot? Or could upgrade your cubicle to a multi-room space, complete with kitchen and personal bathroom? There is a way, and many employed Americans […]

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There are countless articles offering advice about the best questions to ask in a job interview. As we know, having a job based on compatibility of culture, skill and personality can lead not only to a more productive, satisfying work life, and happier life overall. So, let’s focus on the most important interview questions you […]

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Let’s face it: in this day and age, there are distractions everywhere. In addition to the constant nagging of smartphones and social media, the office environment is also racked with distraction – whispers of the latest gossip or people walking by your desk, possibly stopping to chat with you when you don’t have time. And […]

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