IntrepidHR interviews Dan Erickson at #HRTechConf In a recent live podcast, Dan Erickson, Vice President of Elevated Careers by eHarmony talks about the three vital components of compatibility: competency, core work values, and personality fit with hiring manager. “It’s all about cutting back on that regrettable turnover, finding the quality candidates and job seekers that will fit in […]

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The Art of the Workforce: Work-Life Balance

Editor’s Note: We’ve commissioned artist Doug Shaw to explore the 16 Key Factors measured when it comes to compatibility between a candidate and employer and will be posting them along with his inspiration in this series. The first of the factors is Balance. Balance is defined by how well the company provides the means for […]

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The Backstory: eHarmony has a long history of conducting research on compatibility, and providing a product that helps people find the right partner for a happy, lasting relationship. Since launching in August of 2000, eHarmony has created matches that have resulted in millions of users getting married, and research has shown that these marriages are […]

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#ILSHRM15 & The Dating Game

Have you ever been on a set of interviews and thought to yourself, this feels a lot like being on the “The Dating Game?”  If you’re not familiar with the show, the premise is an eligible bachelor or bachelorette would ask three other eligible dating contestants questions.  By the end of the show, they’d have […]

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