Hire for Similarity or Hire for Diversity?

Similarity and diversity are at the center of perhaps the most difficult dilemma facing hiring managers today. Creating an optimal workforce balance is incredibly difficult and still not fully understood. It has led many HR spokesmen to simplify the situation to a point that it’s nearly incomprehensible, making it difficult for HR practitioners to find […]

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The Backstory: eHarmony has a long history of conducting research on compatibility, and providing a product that helps people find the right partner for a happy, lasting relationship. Since launching in August of 2000, eHarmony has created matches that have resulted in millions of users getting married, and research has shown that these marriages are […]

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Young Entrepreneurs Working at the Office

Why Fit Matters for the Workplace

We described worker-company fit in a previous post. Fit is related to increased communication, job satisfaction, company productivity, and a wealth of other important concepts related to employee happiness and company results. It is foundational to many of the positive experiences people have at work, and yet, it is rarely, if ever, appropriately used to […]

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What is ‘Fit’ in the workplace?

In the past decade, a vibrant body of scientific research has been conducted on topic of employee-organization fit.  This research has provided a wealth of data to support the idea that a strong or homogeneous company culture, combined with employees who share the values that the culture promotes, will lead to many positive outcomes, such […]

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